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Healer First... Birth Doula Second

"I am a Divine and Powerful Being. My Body is perfect and operating exactly as it should. Everything I need to know and do during labor will come to me instinctually and with ease. I was made for this!"

-Shai Syrah affirmations


I go by the name Shai Syrah, but my spiritual family knows me as Osunyamiloju Ifakemi (Ifakemi for short). I am a birth doula, energy worker, and herbalist in training at Ifa University. In March of 2022, I felt the call to use my spiritual gifts to assist mothers as they navigate pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum. I have since fallen in love with birth work, and can't see myself doing anything else! I am elated at the thought of assisting you as you bring new life into this world. It is my goal as your doula to do whatever I can to be of support and service during this sacred time. If you are interested in booking services with me, please schedule a consultation first. The initial consultation is 45 minutes.

I look forward to being your Doula!

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what is a doula?

““When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change.”

—Marie F. Mongan,

A Doula is a mental, spiritual, and physical support system for mothers. We are a resource guiding you through each stage of pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum with care, empathy and education. We are an advocate for the mother and are passionate about ensuring (as best as we can) that our mother has the birthing experience she wants. We seek to uplift and empower the mother and partner by educating them on the science and physiology of birth and their birth rights. We are your friend and confidant dedicated to making your birthing experience one to remember!

-Shai Syrah

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Prenatal Planning Sessions

Educating and preparing for birth can be overwhelming due to the plethora of information available. I have compiled a database of valuable information. During our planning sessions, you will receive access to my resource library along with step by step guidance on how to prepare for the arrival of your little one.

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Full Spectrum Doula Support

I offer a range of packages designed to prepare you for your big day. Packages can be altered to fit your specific needs if necessary. Each package (minus birth only) comes with around the clock support starting at 37 weeks, labor support, and complimentary add ons. Virtual and travel services are available upon request.

Holistic and Spiritual Services

Every pregnancy whether it's your first or fifth is unique and brings its own set of issues and potential complications. I believe in approaching pregnancy from a holistic point of view; tailoring spiritual services and utilizing the healing power of herbs to assist mothers on their birthing journey.


Planning sessions (1hr)

Virtual Doula Services

Not in a place financially to afford a Doula? Purchase planning sessions by the hour and be fully prepared to welcome your little one!

Virtual Doula Services are available for moms that live outside of the state of Georgia. You will choose between the Sunflower or Seashell package. All prenatals and labor support will be conducted via Zoom. Add on services will be virtual and products will be shipped to you.

Birth Only

This package includes one prenatal visit before labor, and labor support. All moms located outside of Georgia will choose this option for in-person doula support.

Sunflower Package

This package includes up to four prenatal visits, 24/7 text, email, and phone support starting at 37 weeks, labor support, two postpartum visits, and three complimentary add ons; placenta encapsulation not included.

Seashell Package

This package includes two prenatal visits, labor support, 24/7 text, email, and phone support starting at 37 weeks, one postpartum visit, and two complimentary add ons; placenta encapsulation not included.

Add Ons

  • Mom and baby energy work sessions
  • Personalized herbal sitz bath and salve
  • Yoni steams
  • Placenta encapsulation (not included in packages)
  • Shadow and release work sessions (Spiritual)
  • Additional prenatal session (1hr)
  • Nutrition support (meal prep)
  • Gift cards

divine Hands Doula


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